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Girls' Love Isle of Farewell And Reunion
Isle of Farewell And Reunion Isle of Farewell And Reunion
Isle of Farewell And Reunion

Author: Dajiaochong

  • Senpai, I like you!
  • It's time for confessionof years' crush.

Giving up her top job to live alone on the island, the writer Elly meets her younger schoolmate Rhea, thus their story starts... Check out how the scheming junior courts her reserved dream lover!



  • Jasmine Ostorga

    Jasmine Ostorga

    2020-06-05 14:15:33 From Ch. 171

    Omg guys calm down, she is just saying that just to get it off of her chest so she can learn to move on because if you don’t it’s a lot harder (I’ve been through it honestly) and obviously she doesn’t think that they will get back together


  • Viridian


    2020-06-05 10:20:43 From Ch. 171

    while she might have wanted to hear it before. elly actually likes rhea and i dont see her hurting rhea. if anything this would feel very selfish to her one of those "i told you several times i like rhea and now you tell me this? so what you want me to hurt rhea now? stop being selfish summo"


  • Visitor 67334

    Visitor 67334

    2020-06-05 06:57:50 From Ch. 171

    i don't think Summo thinks they'll get back together. it seems more like she has to at least say what she feels (regret, love, etc.) to be able to move on. if you keep things bottled up it makes it harder to move on (speaking from experience) or heal.


  • Mari Anna

    Mari Anna

    2020-06-04 23:28:05 From Ch. 171

    I dont think they will. I think she is gonna be angry at her for saying this now when she basically treated her like she wasnt worthy in the past.


  • 🌈QT Senpai🌈

    🌈QT Senpai🌈

    2020-06-04 20:16:17 From Ch. 171

    I hope not😿


  • Taenggu


    2020-06-04 18:26:46 From Ch. 171

    oh please don't 😬 i mean she can be forgiven but winning her heart back is impossible.


  • ༆ нenтaι ιѕ lιғe ༆

    ༆ нenтaι ιѕ lιғe ༆

    2020-06-04 17:25:16 From Ch. 171

    Why are you so clingy can't you understand elly has moved on look at what you did you made her cry that's really annoying good thing elly is not hot tempered you're really a mess you're selfish all you think about is your feelings


  • Yaitza Vazquez

    Yaitza Vazquez

    2020-06-04 15:33:49 From Ch. 171

    That smile doesn’t seem like it 😳


  • YAOI_matic😘😘


    2020-06-04 15:32:36 From Ch. 171

    she made our Elly cry!!!! she must be punished!!!! why can't she just move on???!!! she should've said that when they were still together if she really wanted them to not separate!!! ughhh she's so twisted and a freakin mess!!!!!! she must be insanely crazy if she thinks that they will get back together after saying those words!!!!! hmpp😤😤


  • s T r A i g H t

    s T r A i g H t

    2020-06-04 14:01:39 From Ch. 170

    ahh yes, same


  • Chiara Trovato

    Chiara Trovato

    2020-06-03 23:51:08 From Ch. 170

    Would you suggest some bl please? I'd like the "made by man for man" if possible, or works with deep meaning, interesting


  • Preety Lilz D

    Preety Lilz D

    2020-06-03 17:48:07 From Ch. 170

    Elly and rhea is the main character. this is the backstory of Elly and Summo about how they were before, breakups and maybe this arc is summo's character development. After this finishes we can see Elly and rhea


  • Preety Lilz D

    Preety Lilz D

    2020-06-03 17:45:24 From Ch. 170

    happy pride🌈🌈


  • Preety Lilz D

    Preety Lilz D

    2020-06-03 17:44:27 From Ch. 170

    well Summo will be dishonest with Molly aslo as she doesn't really know what she wants and don't like same-sex relationships so we don't want them to end up together but let's hope they all get their happy ending


  • coutpotato


    2020-06-03 16:32:07 From Ch. 170

    True, I'm glad that my mom doesn't do that.


  • zyko


    2020-06-03 15:54:25 From Ch. 170

    Rhea was supposed to be the MC but summo is like the focus 😂


  • zyko


    2020-06-03 15:53:42 From Ch. 170

    I hope they do


  • jphw


    2020-06-03 15:23:15 From Ch. 170

    I thought that as well until the other girl Molly knew came into it. It would be better for Summo not to be jumping into anything anyway.


  • ༆ нenтaι ιѕ lιғe ༆

    ༆ нenтaι ιѕ lιғe ༆

    2020-06-03 14:33:28 From Ch. 170

    Soo have you watched junjou romantica?


  • Rou xi Lan

    Rou xi Lan

    2020-06-01 18:13:35 From Ch. 37

    or u don't know their sexuality



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