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Drama Second-to-none Adoration
Second-to-none Adoration Second-to-none Adoration
Second-to-none Adoration

Author: SJCC

  • As an ordinary girl who lives a happy life, Chen Xiyan never imagined that she would be caught to another world and forced to travel in space. The encounters between them not only changed her life, but also affected the history of this world.
  • Will she return to her parents? Or stay here to fight with him and face the world with him? I only fight for you, and I only favor you. Even if the whole universe is in war, I won’t let you go!

Chen Xiyan, a girl from the 21st century, travels in space to another world which is full of wars. The tyrant Yu Chenhua forced her and imprisoned her, which, however, couldn’t cover her brilliance. A rare Goddess as she is, she can’t feel his love for her. The love and hatred between two people from different countries and spaces thus begins...


  • YouLik3


    2020-10-23 18:40:10 From Ch. 135

    Except hotahori is an amazing person and is willing to be tamahome replacement when she needs with mo strings attached. Zane is definitely human. IMO she should marry all 3 and put them in the harem lol


  • the naive mia lu🐇🐇

    the naive mia lu🐇🐇

    2020-10-23 18:30:07 From Ch. 135

    this comic is kinda like an anime named Fushigi yugi


  • Fiona Estacion

    Fiona Estacion

    2020-10-23 14:58:41 From Ch. 24

    oh my isense bl presense


  • Omisha Martin

    Omisha Martin

    2020-10-23 13:44:08 From Ch. 135

    When she made the decision of going back home Yeah 〒﹏〒 obviously I was like " Wait...what?!!!!!" Like if she goes back then it will be a little depressing for the readers and when I thought that was enough it wasn't like heck yeah it wouldn't AAND then when Zane made her drink that I was like at the verge of a heart attack and of course the readers be like " AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! ZANE WTF?!!??!" Okay spoiler alert : Umm Walter is gonna go there (the modern world) And he is gonna be super handsome ≧▽≦!! So don't worry 🙂😄


  • Shree43


    2020-10-23 13:42:21 From Ch. 137

    hii.... can you plz tell me what exactly happened because I am not plus member.... thanks in advance 😊


  • Visitor 34126

    Visitor 34126

    2020-10-23 13:41:57 From Ch. 135

    Yep he was thinking about his happiness and not her😡😭


  • Shree43


    2020-10-23 13:39:25 From Ch. 137

    walter came in modern form ??? 😍


  • Shree43


    2020-10-23 13:37:16 From Ch. 138

    hey can you please tell what exactly happened because i am not plus member..... its just too exciting....


  • Shree43


    2020-10-23 13:36:27 From Ch. 135

    i think she will again fall in love with modern king... 😁


  • Shree43


    2020-10-23 13:35:46 From Ch. 135

    same here... excited to see modern king...


  • 👻SANS Skeleton 👻

    👻SANS Skeleton 👻

    2020-10-23 13:28:21 From Ch. 135

    I HATE...ZANE 🗣🖕🖕🖕🖕


  • Visitor 05355

    Visitor 05355

    2020-10-23 12:28:32 From Ch. 45

    yes but i dont hate Zane so much


  • Khaleel Pasha

    Khaleel Pasha

    2020-10-23 08:04:25 From Ch. 133

    I don't think that gonna happen he is deep in love if he still he will not forget 🤔😥


  • Asfia 💜 BTS 🇧🇩

    Asfia 💜 BTS 🇧🇩

    2020-10-23 06:57:33 From Ch. 134

    I think after jane take dawn to the modern world, walter will also go there to take her back.... but I don't want that... 😥😥


  • Claude


    2020-10-23 06:39:05 From Ch. 121

    I thought it would be longer *sips*


  • Saz


    2020-10-23 00:12:29 From Ch. 137

    Coz hes a selfish prick. Dawn moved on and was happy. He couldn’t accept that even tho she’s experiencing ‘hardships’ she is happy. So he, being a typical arrogant ‘only i can make her happy’ type prick, is forcing her to be with him when she doesnt want to I hope she resists him hard and he sees what an aweful decision hes made and suffers for it


  • Visitor 34137

    Visitor 34137

    2020-10-22 22:59:53 From Ch. 118

    if the statues were alive they would be like :oh lala~~


  • Cassandra Karls

    Cassandra Karls

    2020-10-22 16:32:36 From Ch. 137

    Yeah I'm really tired of the memory loss thing that comics seem to do, it just feels like they ran out of ideas to prolong the story so they shove that in there.


  • 💜Pika pika💜

    💜Pika pika💜

    2020-10-22 16:00:25 From Ch. 134

    yea cant that Zane leave her in her happy life...why destroy it? 🔪🔪🔪🔪


  • Renzo P

    Renzo P

    2020-10-22 15:49:28 From Ch. 134

    Whatever he is doing is for keeping dawn safe from that bad king Chu and getting her safe back to her parents, old life . He knows that she can never forget king Qing and move on with Zane. And she will hate him for life to bring her back like this but still he is doing this . Just to keep her safe.



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