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Drama At Arm's Length
At Arm's Length At Arm's Length
At Arm's Length

Author: Zushi

  • Created by the author who made "Cereus"
  • The backstory of how Michael and Reina met through Michaels' POV
  • "I want to get closer but I’m afraid of getting hurt again"

After his freshman year ended badly, Michael went on medical leave to heal. Now, he's back on campus and doing better. Except he still closes himself off from other people, believing He'll never be accepted fully. That’s until he meets the seemingly aloof "ice queen" heiress, Reina, who understands what he's going through. For once, he doesn't feel alone in his struggles. Wanting to get closer but afraid of getting hurt, Michael realizes to melt her heart he'll have to open up his as well.


  • Scene


    2020-07-07 12:54:36 From Ch. 7 Meeting In The Rain Part 2

    this might sound offensive but idk whats so exciting about the romance in comics, it seems like everyone is just looking forward to their meeting but none really comment on other details....whats going on is called character development and general details and stuff like this is so important that they exist in every TV show, comic, novel, movie while romance is just a genre that only some have...it also has a repetitive order. usually romance is added to stories only as a spice to the story but its shouldn't be the main focus..the only times I'm really grateful for romance is when the characters(doesnt have to be main) are in a cute situation that makes me fangirl alot and especially in stories that are sad or have tragedy it feels refreshing so I hope that ppl focus more on the plot 🤗


  • Scene


    2020-07-07 12:25:49 From Ch. 3 No Response

    yh also the fact that he apologised for his actions made no sense...words come before actions, she should've told him about her problems with their relationship but instead she waited with silence and then cheated? if she talked to him then maybe she'd atleast have a lousy excuse for cheating but she didn't so she's completely at fault here. how was he supposed to know that she didn't like how their relationship was? besides breaking up with him would even be better than staying silent while cheating


  • Briseis Cullimore

    Briseis Cullimore

    2020-07-07 00:53:56 From Ch. 10 First Impressions



  • Bts x Army

    Bts x Army

    2020-07-05 19:55:04 From Ch. 10 First Impressions

    they perfect togetherrr


  • Bts x Army

    Bts x Army

    2020-07-05 19:47:48 From Ch. 7 Meeting In The Rain Part 4



  • Bts x Army

    Bts x Army

    2020-07-05 19:34:44 From Ch. 0 Prologue

    it is the backstory


  • Stacie Hnunbiaksiam

    Stacie Hnunbiaksiam

    2020-07-05 18:34:42 From Ch. 1 Betrayal

    hey!!are you from manipur (just asking)


  • Aby Afifah

    Aby Afifah

    2020-07-05 17:06:55 From Ch. 6 Part 2

    when he put hia glasses on i immediately shout ! he's hot !!!


  • ×Akshata×


    2020-07-05 14:45:37 From Ch. 18 Risky Game Part 1

    it says chapter 8 part 1 pls read it clearly..


  • Pinky Gatcha Fox

    Pinky Gatcha Fox

    2020-07-05 02:36:33 From Ch. 8 Risky Game Part 4

    Let me kill that b#@$&!!!!!!papatayin ko talaga ung lalaking yun ko nakita ko sya nang personal 🤬🤬🤬


  • Bonnie Bennett😜

    Bonnie Bennett😜

    2020-07-04 17:44:24 From Ch. 0 Prologue

    that's what came to my mind too lol


  • Bonnie Bennett😜

    Bonnie Bennett😜

    2020-07-04 17:44:06 From Ch. 0 Prologue



  • Moonbyulie


    2020-07-04 13:32:39 From Ch. 1 Betrayal

    I'm gulping it


  • ✧・゚: *Anesthesia✧・゚

    ✧・゚: *Anesthesia✧・゚

    2020-07-04 05:55:06 From Ch. 10 First Impressions

    He Was Like Don't Look Don't Look Don't Look Don't Look Don't Look. So Funny


  • LadySheru


    2020-07-04 04:27:48 From Ch. 10 First Impressions

    those were melons referencing that her boobs are as big as melons


  • Palak 💜taehyung...

    Palak 💜taehyung...

    2020-07-04 02:51:49 From Ch. 0 Prologue

    umm .. I agree ..and I think this author is creator of cereus too ... maybe ... not sure about it. lol ..😜


  • {nonchalant angel}

    {nonchalant angel}

    2020-07-03 23:32:08 From Ch. 10 First Impressions

    I was confused at first then I counted the no. of cans.


  • SaVaGe AF

    SaVaGe AF

    2020-07-03 16:03:18 From Ch. 10 First Impressions

    lol the way he blushed 🤣🤣


  • Monbebe Nuna

    Monbebe Nuna

    2020-07-03 04:51:00 From Ch. 10 First Impressions

    a six pack and cantaloupes (melons)😅


  • Rella Alibio

    Rella Alibio

    2020-07-03 04:04:22 From Ch. 10 First Impressions

    Just can't wait. Hope sooner the better ❤️



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