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Comedy Wanna Steal Your Heart Only!
Wanna Steal Your Heart Only! Wanna Steal Your Heart Only!
Wanna Steal Your Heart Only!

Author: Weibo Comic

  • Masculine Female Teacher x Arrogant Little Prince
  • The leading male who always deems himself as the most handsome man in school suffered from great failure, did he steal the heart of the most popular teacher at school or was his heart stolen on the contrary?! A hilarious love comedy is about to start!

As a super popular school doctor, Hunter Cheng was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Blessed with a perfect personality and a handsome look, and having been ranking top in everything, Hunter Cheng has been the prince charming for girls since his childhood. However, on his first day at school, he was pushed down by Joe, the Chinese teacher who he met for the first time! To save his face, Hunter Cheng decided to challenge Joe and steal her heart!



  • Ł-ØNLY Club

    Ł-ØNLY Club

    2021-01-23 17:36:44 From Ch. 69

    Because he’s gay


  • ⟭⟬ Icelyn Areum ⟬⟭

    ⟭⟬ Icelyn Areum ⟬⟭

    2021-01-22 13:40:23 From Ch. 134

    he is A good friend... and he never cared about dating anyone before that's why he can't do whats right and what's wrong.


  • ToMaTo (^o^)

    ToMaTo (^o^)

    2021-01-22 11:51:38 From Ch. 134

    Seriously tho she doesn't even contribute much on the relationship she had with cheng 🗿


  • [KoitoMinase] (^w^)

    [KoitoMinase] (^w^)

    2021-01-22 01:24:16 From Ch. 134

    He's a good friend, but Shen Meng manipulate his mind That's why...


  • KC Casey

    KC Casey

    2021-01-21 22:10:50 From Ch. 134

    @happyuwu ..but like didn't she just break up with Hunter Cheng? emphasis on the just.. Hunter is probably heartbroken right now. But Han Bie thinks its absolutely fine to swoop in in the midst of all this and try to snatch her away? What kind of friend does that?


  • happyuwu


    2021-01-21 21:55:53 From Ch. 134

    it's a bit of both. He is trying to comfort her but it seems like she doesn't want to be with Cheng anymore so he is also taking his chance. I don't think that's wrong in any way. He is only asking if he has a chance with her because he loves her too.


  • happyuwu


    2021-01-21 21:53:35 From Ch. 134

    he is genuinely trying to make her feel better and he did tell her she may be misunderstanding something. It's her choice whether or not she wants to be with Cheng. Also, Han only asked he if he could be a candidate for her in a way😑. He has every right to pursue his happiness with the one he loves as well. And his feelings for her have nothing to do with being a good friend or not.


  • Shiho Kiryuu

    Shiho Kiryuu

    2021-01-21 18:36:12 From Ch. 134

    Honestly I feel bad for Dr. Cheng 'coz it seems he traveled a one-way road. 😭


  • Shiho Kiryuu

    Shiho Kiryuu

    2021-01-21 18:35:06 From Ch. 134

    He showed his true colors.


  • ❤Yelly❤


    2021-01-21 18:35:03 From Ch. 124



  • R.A.G.


    2021-01-21 16:29:45 From Ch. 134

    The problem can solve by 5 minutes talk between fl and ml but as always there're MISUNDERSTANDINGS😾


  • Jeee


    2021-01-21 16:25:58 From Ch. 134

    Pls no Mr. Han , don't make me hate u pls 😭


  • |XD|


    2021-01-21 16:23:43 From Ch. 134

    She didn't put any effort from the start it's easier for her to say that. lol it was always dr. Cheng trying to be with her. there's Joe for you ( claps )


  • |XD|


    2021-01-21 16:22:41 From Ch. 134

    I know right. this is kinda back stabbing.


  • Tetangskie


    2021-01-21 14:43:39 From Ch. 132

    finally!! someone with the same thoughts as me. Justifying a lie just because you aren't officially in a relationship yet is a big No No.


  • |XD|


    2021-01-21 04:48:41 From Ch. 133

    I don't know. Probably when Joe will ask him to


  • |XD|


    2021-01-21 04:47:19 From Ch. 133

    well that's what would Happen if you just jump to conclusion and doesn't allow other person to clarify. let's be Honest for a second, from the beginning their relationship is VERY UNBALANCED GIVE AND TAKE , I know Joe has been very great but folks it's always have been Dr. Cheng who's been trying to be with her. I'm not hating onto Joe but she trusted shen for no ethical reason. Cheng wasn't right to hide stuff but Joe definitely wasn't on better place but avoiding talking , terminating a relationship and of course jumping on conclusion


  • KuroSenpai


    2021-01-20 23:27:49 From Ch. 136

    Thats his mothers words 😂


  • moon🌙


    2021-01-20 17:20:35 From Ch. 133

    I know. Joe’s character at the moment pisses me off. Hunter is the one that gives and she only takes and takes😡😡


  • Starrydust


    2021-01-20 16:59:50 From Ch. 133

    Now Joe should realise how she treated him. She needs to suffer and apologize and learn to trust the person who truly loves her. Hunter Cheng did more than enough for her even though he wasn't formally her boyfriend, and what she did? She couldn't trust him a bit!



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