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Romance Breed My Dear Enemy
Breed My Dear Enemy Breed My Dear Enemy
Breed My Dear Enemy

Author: Fengyuziran/Ihuayue(original novel)+Boyi Animation+Kuaikan Comics

  • On the day she transmigrated, she killed the male lead?!
  • A domineering young lady X a scheming crown prince, their love story now begins!

Transmigrating into the world of the book, she became a supporting female role who died distressingly. Ain't got no that for this game! The female lead decided to kill the male lead, destroy the world and get out of here! When she faced this scrawny little boy, she just couldn't do it... What should she do? Raised up this boy as her helper? An excellent idea! But this boy didn't grow up as a righteous man as she expected! Could she restart again?


  • Lovish Delirious

    Lovish Delirious

    2021-10-20 02:00:11 From Ch. 105

    If the map really sends her back, she's concerned about what may become of the emperor when the time comes. We've already seen how ruthless he gets when something happens and how depressed he gets when she loses control of herself. She probably worries that his future will collapse if she gives herself to him.


  • chimmy_luna


    2021-10-19 14:19:54 From Ch. 104

    but ur joonies wife ( ̄ヘ ̄;)


  • k@j@l

    [email protected]@l

    2021-10-19 12:02:26 From Ch. 103

    hello,, the reaason why she doesn't want to realise her feelings for for ml nor want to express is that if one day, her mission will complete she have to leave this world.


  • DXMLove


    2021-10-19 09:20:36 From Ch. 75

    I didn’t get my period until I was 15 years old it happens 🤷🏽‍♀️ every person is different.


  • Yasmine Najwa Aulia

    Yasmine Najwa Aulia

    2021-10-11 12:58:30 From Ch. 101

    I man if I were in her position I'll still choose to go back to my own family my home because people heart who knows what happened in the future he might cheated on her i mean if I was in her position now I'll think that


  • Yasmine Najwa Aulia

    Yasmine Najwa Aulia

    2021-10-11 12:55:37 From Ch. 101

    of course she would do that it was her father the only family she has and been taking care of her with so much care n love if you see from other view OK I know he loves her so much sure but you can't forget the girl way worry wart like he loves her know what about the future and more he's the emperor which normally would take another woman as concubines even we reader know that's not going to happen and we know he loves her so much but still can you still have the heart to live your father who needs your help for some uncertain future with him?


  • Shigure


    2021-10-07 11:09:58 From Ch. 105

    yeah... i like the story and their cute relationship, just that now i'm getting bored of her behaving that way.


  • Mira~Chan


    2021-10-07 02:26:16 From Ch. 105

    That’s what I’ve been saying this WHOLE time! It’s been YEARS. Who knows if her old life will have stayed in one place or moved on without her…. Enjoy the present😌


  • Della Cat 🐱

    Della Cat 🐱

    2021-10-06 04:14:57 From Ch. 60

    ikr bestie 🤭


  • Jumin Han’s Wife

    Jumin Han’s Wife

    2021-10-05 21:02:39 From Ch. 101

    well to be fair it is her sick father that she left behind and if it was my dad waiting for me i would want to see him over my potential boyfriend but maybe i’m just really close to my family lolol


  • Yunduk


    2021-10-05 17:46:43 From Ch. 104

    But he only wants her.


  • Ryn Park

    Ryn Park

    2021-10-01 20:21:20 From Ch. 103

    Yes, she has a sick father. It’s probably part of why she was pretty lenient to her father in this world as well.




    2021-09-30 12:49:23 From Ch. 100

    juicy chapters🔥🔥🔥🔥


  • Shigure


    2021-09-30 11:35:06 From Ch. 103

    yeah, too stubborn! and it starts getting into my nerves, cause i think she is being too much. i feel bad for the ml. how long he has been waiting. she always helps him every time but rejects his affection and denies her feeling for him. i actually think she is too egoistic, as if she doesn't want to know that she has hurt him all these time.


  • Shigure


    2021-09-30 11:28:28 From Ch. 102

    yeah.. wonder why.. i mean, can't she think a little bit about how to make him happy? how come she doesn't think about how much she has hurt him all the time she rejects him? how come she always denies her feeling for him? come on... we know that she has to come back to her world, alright? but seriously... what's wrong about showing her love towards him? what's wrong about letting him be happy?


  • Unicorn🦄&🍭Lollipop


    2021-09-30 02:02:58 From Ch. 103

    I can’t remember but what is waiting for her in the modern world? I mean, I understand her life is there but is everything in that life so important to her that she has to go back? I mean, does she still have family there?


  • ℂ💮𝕞𝕚𝕔𝕤 ᒪό𝕍є

    ℂ💮𝕞𝕚𝕔𝕤 ᒪό𝕍є

    2021-09-24 15:37:30 From Ch. 98



  • ℂ💮𝕞𝕚𝕔𝕤 ᒪό𝕍є

    ℂ💮𝕞𝕚𝕔𝕤 ᒪό𝕍є

    2021-09-24 15:30:36 From Ch. 95

    same here🤮🤮🤮🤮


  • ꧁Forever yours..꧂

    ꧁Forever yours..꧂

    2021-09-23 20:43:04 From Ch. 74

    I got kissed by a close relative when I was 10 🙋‍♀️


  • BMBarish


    2021-09-22 16:13:30 From Ch. 98

    yes I'm also thinking like that 🙃🙃🙃🙃



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