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Romance Daddy is Mr. Perfect
Daddy is Mr. Perfect Daddy is Mr. Perfect
Daddy is Mr. Perfect

Author: Ake Culture

  • Produced by the same crew of CEO's Sudden Proposal
  • Babies, domineering CEO, betrayal, revenge... the story comes with every element that you are eyeing!

She gave birth to their baby named Xiaobai after being framed. When they meet again in five years, the cold-hearted CEO keeps her with him to refute the rumor. After all, he doesn't seem to be all that terrible... The story starts when Xiaobai gets into a fight with a boy from a privileged family. This time, Xiaobai's father shows up on time for his rescue...


  • heaven's gift

    heaven's gift

    2021-11-27 01:24:01 From Ch. 105

    thats exactly the point. hes rich and is therefore considered the "ideal" parent while she works job to job and can't support xiaobai. she can disagree but if they go to court they will choose zijin.


  • Nicole


    2021-11-26 18:19:17 From Ch. 110

    Either he'll confess and not be so cold but warm at the same time or she'll have her designing career progress and feel more matched with his family. It'll probably be a mix and the big client is ML most likely


  • Short_Arms


    2021-11-26 17:58:36 From Ch. 110

    Apparently It’s hard for her to pick up on hints. Lol even if you spell it out


  • Gilgamesh2488


    2021-11-26 14:22:29 From Ch. 110

    She still has an inferiority complex.


  • JMPerky


    2021-11-25 14:22:43 From Ch. 104

    Yeah, they seem to spend a lot of time ignoring their kid....


  • GamingFan90


    2021-11-23 03:28:11 From Ch. 101

    Plus, she gets to come back to take care of her son which is good her and her son, but grandma is gonna be a rude little mean person, and the girl he just agreed to date is going to go out of her way to pick on and antagonistic to FL. If you want him to date the blue haired girl and have your great grandson in your life then let them move out, on the premise that she brings her son to visit often. Hell, tell her that when she gets a job, they will babysit the child. Then you get to see him after school until an agreed time, like say 9pm, and she gets her son at nights and on weekends.


  • GamingFan90


    2021-11-19 22:39:29 From Ch. 100

    I will say it again, He is FIVE, and his only parent has been his mother. He hasn't known them even 2 months and he's supposed to just love them more then his mother. Why are the adults in this family so dumb.


  • Oshuna


    2021-11-19 17:42:43 From Ch. 99

    I think both the father and his relatives are cruel and purposely stupid. If she just wanted money she would have come to them when the kid was as infant. The fact that the kid was happy, healthy, and well adjusted was to the mother's credit. And knowing what they know about noble families why can't they tell she was forced? She was thrown out of her family. The grandmother is willfully prejudiced against the girl. And the son did not keep to the contracy


  • Teetee


    2021-11-19 07:32:23 From Ch. 68

    Did he really expect her to stay n wait for him to come back from the hospital? So arrogant. I’m tired of his grandma too. She’s got to go


  • Amber Lindsey

    Amber Lindsey

    2021-11-19 01:10:27 From Ch. 100

    it's white privilege but asian style which means they think just cause I'm rich I am better then you. ugh just cause she was a single mom and she was tricked into ml bed they think she's trash but if you think about it if she was really trash she would have used her pregnancy from the start to get ahead.


  • Ray Tay

    Ray Tay

    2021-11-18 22:43:21 From Ch. 100



  • JMPerky


    2021-11-18 19:38:12 From Ch. 100

    Think they thought his attachment to them and his dad (plus their money) would make the break easier. Plus, remember grandma thinks she is a horrible mother so of course kid is used to being abandoned.... 🤦🤦🤦🤦


  • JMPerky


    2021-11-18 19:36:07 From Ch. 100

    Agreed. If ML wants to be with mother and son, he should get his own place.


  • Visitor 80628

    Visitor 80628

    2021-11-16 04:28:54 From Ch. 5



  • Connie Machuca

    Connie Machuca

    2021-11-13 15:10:28 From Ch. 53

    there is only one way to read that line...in tune. lol 🤣


  • Visitor 97438

    Visitor 97438

    2021-11-13 01:41:49 From Ch. 2

    I agree


  • GamingFan90


    2021-11-12 19:41:10 From Ch. 99

    He is a 5 year old child who was raised alone by his mother. He came to live here because he wanted a father and a better life for his mom. He was never going to accept anyone being mean to his mom and just spent the last week thinking his mom was at the hospital taking care of his great grandma only to be told by said great grandma (who makes no secret of her dislike of his mom) that his mom has left. Of course he's going to be upset. You did call it though, as I agree that he's going to run away.


  • LinaStar


    2021-11-12 15:10:17 From Ch. 99

    Tsk, the grandma needs help. Who wants to live with her when all she does is talk badly about someone she doesn’t give a chance to know especially when she says it right in front of a child? And then claims it is his mother’s fault for her own great grandson not liking her. 🙄


  • Gajeevylove


    2021-11-12 14:51:40 From Ch. 99

    Exactly. People seem to forget that ML has made no mention of their agreement no longer mattering to him, he hasn’t even told her his feelings. Of course she’d leave, she knew she was on borrowed time and the job she has is due to ML too, so it’s not like she’s financially independent from him either. She couldn’t fight for custody even if she wanted.


  • Lina Bautista

    Lina Bautista

    2021-11-12 14:51:18 From Ch. 99

    Please they are bad so that more of a reason she should fight until the end but what she did is leave her child behind cause she is not women enough



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