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Tips from Readers
Our readers can directly tip their beloved works, and Creators can get 70% of the tip income!
Ad Revenue
For every chapter readers read, the creator gets 70% of the Ad Revenue!
Unlock by Ads
The latest 3 chapters are locked by advertisements, and readers watch ads to unlock the following chapters! 70% of the income from Unlock by Ads will be our Creators'!
Exclusive Contract Share
Once works are signed Exclusively with WebComics, Creators can share 50% of the income from the Pay-to-Read chapters! A win-win for both the platform and Creators!
Guaranteed Income
Exlcusive works with great performance will become our Guaranteed works, and every month Creators of Guaranteed works would get $500-$2000 Guaranteed Income!

Vocies of Creators

  • WebComics Originals is a great place to share your stories and make new friends! he rewards system is really engaging and authors feel excited about posting new chapters in their own pace.

  • I am glad to have finally found a comic platform who is respectful of author’s will and free expression.
    I am very glad that I have found editors that are kind and respectful, in fact my WebComics app editor has always been patient with my mistakes and schedule. I also enjoy the community of comic artist that has been formed around the platform, and the revenue that I get from the retribution program is very fair. Moreover, I am glad that there are no rule to restrain my creativity, that’s definitely a winning point.

  • The thought of creating can be daunting and overwhelming, but there's no better way than to learn on the job. WebComics is a great place to get your story out and gain a decent following. Anyone can publish on the platform, and the interface is intuitive and easy to use. I especially love that I'm able to schedule episodes in advance, and on top of liking episodes and leaving comments, readers are also able to show support to their favorite creators through the coin and gem system. WebComic's team of editors are also super helpful and involved, and really want to help you promote your work.

  • Wherever you reach your destination or not depends on a ship you choose and a crew that supports you. And if you decided to set sail to the sea of comics publishing then WebComics and its editors is the best choice you can make. Not to mention the great community that is always there to encourage creators on their journey.ote your work.

    James Kort & Punix
  • The platform is fair and allows me freedom and full creativity of my work. The editors are always kind and helpful. Even when I ask them a ridiculous amount questions they make sure all of my questions are answered clearly. The community of comic artists and fans that have formed around the platform are also super welcoming and fun. The collaborations have been a hoot. I have been having the most fun working on my comic because of WebComics. It pushes my creativity and drive to do better. All in all, I'm happy I chose this platform for Our Unextraordinary Lives and I hope to continue working with them in the future.

    Laney Simon
    ​Laney Simon
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